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I recently participated in an interesting challenge, one inspired by a line from one of my favourite poems by one of my favourite poets. The poem was “Wild Geese” by Mary Oliver. You can hear Mary Oliver read her poem here or by clicking the image below, and can read the poem here.

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The challenge was to write a poem in any style with the line, “just let your animal body love what it loves” included. The organizer is now collecting all the poems, taking one line from each and reconstructing — weaving — a new poem with the threads. I look forward to reading the reweaving of our submissions.

I chose the style of Mary Oliver, -ish! I too was inspired by the call of the Canada Geese flocks, honking in unison high above me as they return from their winter homes… a sure sign of Spring.

Spring Awakening 

I feel the pulses
of my body

by the warmth
the quickening of new life
around me
within me

above me
the geese herald their arrival
wake up, wake up!
just let your animal body
love what it loves

I emerge from
the earth’s womb
hungry, alive
my face turned to
the sun

© Della Ratcliffe

I am looking forward to the composite rewoven poem and will share it here.

What are the signs of spring for you?