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Are you ready for the Spring Equinox?
For those in the Southern Hemisphere, it arrives on
22-September @  6:03 PDT · 23-September @ 1:03 UTC

Many cultures and religions celebrate the cycle of death, renewal, and rebirth at the Spring Equinox, which those in the Southern Hemisphere celebrate in September. The Wheel of the Year honours the changing of the seasons and also celebrates new beginnings, life rising again and renewal, death and rebirth.  And many of the ancient traditions have merged into newer faiths and religions, such as Easter in the Northern Hemisphere.

Rebirth. Balance. Both are a part of the energies of Spring.

During the deep restful energies of Winter, something begins to stir in me around Imbolg time (roughly February 1st in the Northern Hemisphere, August 1st in the Southern Hemisphere):  a longing to move, to shake off the dust, to stand under the sun, to dance when I hear the returning birds. I literally yearn for that rising energy that for me says “Spring is Here!”

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Spring Energies

What does the arrival of Spring mean for you?

For me, it is a recognition that I have made it through the dark and sometimes bleak days of Winter, and I must honour that by celebrating the renewal around me and within me. I want to enjoy every moment, savour the breath of Spring itself. I raise my awareness to every bud that opens into a glorious chartreuse leaf and every blade of glass emerging from the snow and mud. I rejoice that the Pacific Blue Herons have returned to Stanley Park and are building their nests. I am grateful that my own energy is increasing, just like that of Father Sun and Mama Earth. Like Persephone, I am reborn and can freely roam Mama Earth once again.  

Dana O’Driscoll in her Druids Garden blog suggests Spring energy is about resiliency, and I would have to agree with that! For her, resiliency is “a combination of having the right mindsets and being able to solve problems (drawing upon skills, knowledge, and resources).  It is about having a positive mindset, cultivating a creative and adaptable way of thinking, along with having a toolbox of skills, techniques, and knowledge that you can draw upon as needed.”

Click here to read more on Dana’s concept, part of her revisioning a 21st Century Wheel of the Year.

And as you explore our Spring Equinox Season course, consider both the traditional associations of Spring and Dana’s fresh look at the rhythm of the Wheel of the Year through a contemporary mindset of resiliency.

Blessings on the Spring Equinox!

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