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Are you looking forward to the 20-21 January Super Full Blood Moon Total Eclipse? And isn’t that almost too many adjectives!?

And how could I let this event pass without offering some thoughts . . . a little ritual?

An Eclipse (lunar or solar) is a powerful prompt for change, for leaving behind… for release.
As I was pondering the eclipse, I came upon this definition on

eclipse (n.) c. 1300, from Old French eclipse “eclipse, darkness” (12c.), from Latin eclipsis, from Greek ekleipsis “an eclipse; an abandonment,” literally “a failing, forsaking,” from ekleipein “to forsake a usual place, fail to appear, be eclipsed,” from ek “out” (see ex-) + leipein “to leave” (from PIE root *leikw- “to leave”).

How might this concept of “eclipse” inform your Full Moon Eclipse Soul Work?


The Full Moon is a powerful time, a time of completion (at peak Yang energy) and release (as Grandmother Moon tips energetically in her cycle from Waxing to Waning).

I think of the lunar eclipses as alchemical… a catalyst for change, a rush of Yin energy during that Yang peak… a sudden blast of intuition. A powerful time to connect to your Wise Inner Self… and to the hidden powers within

This eclipse is in Leo, a fire sign independence, confidence, willpower, courage, leadership.

Where might those qualities have been “eclipsed”… and which need to shine again?


This is a time of healing and rejuvenation, and of revelation. During your Full Moon contemplations and ritual(s), give gratitude for what you have completed and release any negative or burdensome energies to Grandmother Moon and your Goddess(es), and ask them to renew and fill your spirit again on your monthly journey.

There are many ways to release during your Full Moon ritual, and I always like to incorporate prominent elements of the current month into my ritual. This month we have the Fire energy of Leo, so think about ways you can bring those elements onto your altar: candles, incense (perhaps a little mugwort for our “dreaming” theme), the colours of fire (red, yellow, orange), stones associated with fire (igneous rocks, or those reflecting the colours of fire)…. and anything else that speaks fire/transformational energy to you.

Meditate or journey before you begin your Full Moon ritual… contemplating on those now freed memories triggered by your Eclipse and the Lunar Eclipse meditation, those lumps of coal awaiting transformation to sparkling diamonds.

These are what you can now release… let go… let the goddess take, and let the goddess heal.

Note in your journal, along with all that for which you are grateful.



Set your altar with white (for Grandmother Moon) and red-orange-yellow candles (representing the Fire Element), and any other elements that are important to you.

Create sacred space by smudging with mugwort or other preferred herb (either a simple wand made from a few sprigs, or dried herbs/incense in a fireproof vessel). Thyme is also a good choice: it represents courage and will support your courageous transformation. Or, choose a preferred herb that resonates with you.

I like this technique: Using your smudging bundle, incense wand or vessel, slowing start to trace a counter-clockwise spiral from your feet to above your head, widening the circle the higher you go. Then smudge around the room, if indoors.

Create a positive intention for the ritual. It can be as simple as:

“Today I release all that no longer serves me.”

“Today I am grateful for ME.”

“Today, I am complete and whole.”

“Today, I will no longer be eclipsed by the brightness of others or the darkness of doubt, but will stand true and strong in my own light.”


Call in the Directions (or whatever process you use to create Sacred Space).
You could use something like the following, which calls in the Four Directions of East, South, West and North and also Above, Below, Within. But be sure to customize for you… calling in YOUR guides, YOUR allies.

  • I call to the East, Air, and new beginnings, for my voice and agility of my mind, and I call on Brighid, Goddess of Springtime, for her support and vision. Sea
    • (FYI, “Sea” is Gaelic for “yes”, and is pronounced SHA; you can also use HO, or AHO, or whatever words you normally use)
  • I call to the South, Fire, for my spirit and creativity, and I call on Áine, Goddess of Sun for her support and passion. Sea
  • I call to the West, Water, for the power of my emotion, for love and courage and an open heart, and I call on Mamai (Mother) Mara of the seas for her support and cleansing flow, for harmony between my Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. Sea
  • I call to the North, Earth, for the grounding of my Spirit, for peace and stillness within, and I call on An Cailleach, the Wise Crone, and my ancestors for their guiding light and wisdom. Sea
  • I call to the worlds below, our blessed Mother Earth, Danú, for the abundance and Life she has brought us and for all her children… all our relations… our animal allies, the Sidhe (pronounced shee), the plants, animals, mountains and rivers. Sea
  • I call to the worlds above, our blessed Seanmháthair Gealach (Grandmother Moon) and Daghda (Father Sky), the Star Nations, our spirit guides and ask for protection and wisdom today. Sea
  • I stand in the Centre, with and within my Self, standing amongst the Source of all Love, Creation and Spirit, and ask for the blessings of this journey, of this life. I ask the support and blessing of the Great Spirit, the source of all love and creation, and give gratitude for this life. Sin é.
    • (FYI, Irish Gaelic for “that’s it”, pronounced “Shin-ay”)


Look up to the Moon (if indoors, visualize the moon in your mind’s eye) and breathe in the power and cleansing energy of the Moon, and the powerful Super Blood Moon Eclipse.

Feel the power of the Blood Moon… fiery, strong, full.

Feel its light and energy flow from your head down through each of your chakras, all the way down to your feet, feeling that beautiful light fill you and support you.

Let that light (Fire energy) release and transform. Let it be your agent of alchemy.

Continue breathing slowly and deeply until you feel fully connected to your Wise Inner Self, and to Spirit.

And in the light of the Moon, start with gratitude, that for which you are grateful. Then, offer back to the light your list of things to release, saying “I now release you” for each item. Breathe out the energy of that which no longer serves you after each release statement.

Continue until you feel this process is complete.

Stay for a moment in that energy… how it feels to be unburdened, to let go, to let Goddess heal you, to be fully connected to your true Self and to Spirit.
Remember that. Hold onto that. You can come back to that feeling at any time.


Close the Directions in the same way you opened it, but instead of calling on each ally or direction, thank them instead… give gratitude.

Blow out your candles and savour the moment.

Blessed Be