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Blessings on the Super Full Moon in Capricorn
July 13, 2022 at 18:38 UTC • 11:38 am PDT • 2:38 pm EDT

We began this lunar month with a two-fold invitation: to honour the new moon in Cancer with a day of silence, meditation or contemplation, and to recognize the invitation to step into the expansiveness of the Cancer new moon and sail into your dreams, inspiring your journey for the next three months or even six months to the next Cancer Full Moon in January 6, 2023.

How did that work for you? If you didn’t try it at this new moon, do consider trying it at a subsequent new moon such as the one in Leo, coming on July 28th… or on this Super Full Moon in Capricorn, which can support you to manifest your visions.

How will Capricorn influence your new journey?

Allow me to meander for a moment through the sign itself. Capricorn (known as the Capricornus, the Sea Goat) is a cardinal (more new beginnings!) Earth sign. 

The Capricorn origin story can perhaps help us understand the sign’s nature. This constellation “depicts the result of the sudden appearance of the earthborn giant Typhoeus. Bacchus was feasting on the banks of the Nile at the time, and jumped into the river. The part of him that was below water was transformed into a fish, while his upper body became that of a goat. From this point of view, he saw that Typhoeus was attempting to tear Jupiter into pieces; he blew a shrill note on his pipes, and Typhoeus fled. Jupiter then placed the new shape of Bacchus in the heavens out of thanks for the rescue.”  (Source

So, this nimble and sturdy sea goat is at home in both water and on earthy mountain tops, and is both brave and agile! But it has other influences too, from its ruling planet Saturn.

I often speak of the ruling planets, but haven’t really described what that means. Simply put, the ruling planet is the planet with the most influence on the sign, and for Capricorn that planet is Saturn. Yes, that ancient god of time (aka Cronus) that often marks endings, but also rebirth and regeneration. 

Saturn is associated with the material world, such as money or finances, agricultural harvests, hard work and practicality. These are different qualities than how the Romans celebrated the god Saturn in the annual December festival of Saturnalia, a time of merriment, feasting, drinking and gift giving at the end of their harvests. The Christian holiday of Christmas merged with many of those traditions.

The god Bacchus, who transformed into the sea goat Capricorn, is also associated with wine, revelry but also with creativity. Apparently the Romans believed that the drunken state was a gateway to creativity, to inspiring new ideas and acting in new ways . . . but I wouldn’t recommend this approach to inspiration!

So, what does all this tell us? It tells us that Capricorn energy is about structure, history, stability and foundations. As a cardinal sign, it reminds us of self-sovereignty, that we are the leader in our own life.

As you continue on this new three month or six month journey, ignited by the New Moon in Cancer, the Capricorn influence can serve to cement your plans, and create the foundation for your journey, knowing that your plans are well-grounded and secure. The energy of this Super Full Moon will amplify that even more. So dig into that rich soil within, your wise inner self, and plant your foundations for the coming months.

And as always, do raise your awareness to Capricorn’s shadow side. The Saturn desire for perfection can stymie your progress, as you look for “perfect” solutions. Know that most often “good enough for now” will get you started.