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Flodesk Moon Seeds Moon Phases (2)
The Super Full Moon in Libra arrives on 07-APRIL 7:34 PM PDT / 08-APRIL 03:34 UTC.

It is the first Full Moon of Spring (NH) and Autumn (SH) and the first Full Moon of the astrological year. A powerful event indeed!

For some, this Full Moon is known as the Pink Moon for the wild pink phlox in bloom. For other it is the Sprouting Grass Moon, the Awakening Moon, Seeding Moon, Peony or Growing Moon.

I typically name my own Full Moons, because I love creating my own traditions, reflecting my locale, heritage and spiritual practices.

For me, the Full Moon in April is usually the Blossom Moon: here in Vancouver (Canada), the fruit trees are blooming, and the streets are filled with the pinks and whites of cherry, apple and plum blossoms. When the wind blows, the air is filled with a pink petal “rain”!

What will you name this Full Moon?


local Vancouver Plum tree in bloom

The Energies of the Super Full Moon in Libra

This Super Full Moon is in Libra is such a potent sign for us at present. Its powerful Super Full Moon energies urge us to take charge and lead (its Cardinal sign influence), to think and create (Air influence), to find balance and harmony (the core of Libra with its scales of justice) and to socialize and connect (the Venus influence)… and all amplified by the Super Moon energy.

So let’s consider those influences in more detail.


Libra symbol

Please note that I am not an astrologer, and there are many sites which can provide much more detailed information about the astral energies. I respond energetically and intuitively to the influences of these signs, and how they can inspire my way of being through the lunar each month or solar journey each year.

For me, it’s more like reading a card than engaging in the astrological science, although I do highly respect those with that special knowledge!

And that is what I share with you now.

Libra is associated with the element Air, which rules our minds and inspires our creativity. During this time of profound change and disruption in our lives, the Air element can perhaps help us find a new way through the changes as we shift the paradigms in our lives that may no longer be working as effectively. As the world changes, we must also change.

Libra is ruled by the planet Venus (also the goddess of love!), which engages our desire for both beauty and connection, and stimulates our intolerance of disruption, of chaos. That Venus energy calls to us for sociability and romance, even at times like this when many of us are self-isolating or are in isolation. But the Air element can inspire us to find other ways to connect and still find the personal connectivity we so strongly desire.

The symbol of Libra is the scales of justice, reminding us to raise our awareness to the balance (or imbalances) in our life. This is our second recent reminder, the first being the Equinox of March 20-21. Yes, Libra is reminding us to consider balance even more! With so much out of balance at present, it’s even more important to examine our relationship with balance and harmony. Those born under the sign of Libra will recognize this need for balance, the urge to move away from chaos and disruption and create order around oneself.

This focus on order and justice can also be reflected in our Shadow side, so do raise your awareness to that. You may sense that need for balance express itself as a need for control, perhaps sliding into intolerance and judgment, or for finding the “right” or “only” way to do things. We may overthink (the Shadow side of Air) things and get stuck in our monkey minds, letting doubt and analysis-paralysis set in.

That Shadow may bubble up from the shadow into your awareness and consciousness, and may manifest as a feeling of being overwhelmed: “lost at sea” is how one friend expressed it. Our way of living and being may be disrupted from its normal flow as we self-isolate, become digital nomads, distance our selves physically or even be in quarantine or lockdown for an as yet undetermined duration.

At this time of “flattening the curve” — as we collectively work to prevent the pandemic from spreading —  we may also find that we want to control everything in our environment, and even attempt to control the uncontrollable. Instead, do consider what you can actively change and adapt, and where you have to follow the rules and community guidelines for the greater good of our worldwide community.

Perhaps this is a call to us all that our traditional ways of being and connecting and flourishing are resetting and finding new ways to manifest.

Depending on how you are responding to this challenge, it might require a mindset shift or change, such as:

  • moving from feeling “stuck inside” to being “safe inside”
  • shifting from feeling disconnected to reaching out energetically to others
  • reconsider separation as solitude rather than loneliness (see quote at bottom of this post from John O’Donohue)
  • reframing anger at restrictions (such as no longer go to the gym or pool) to improvising new ways to meet those needs: how we can exercise at home using equipment already on hand, or finding new ways. I have started my yoga practice again, and have even joined in on-line virtual yoga classes and following yoga channels on YouTube. Another friend is lifting weights, but using canned goods!
  • considering what we need rather than what we want
  • finding and sharing gratitude for the positive things in our life

For me, the Medicine of this Super Full Moon in Libra is to raise our awareness to how we can:

Balance, Connect and Flourish!

We can do this. You can do this.

There are many adaptations we can make. We can use our new free time to make changes in our home, or by exercising in a different way, by pulling out the books on our reading list (or borrowing them digitally from a local library), by stepping into our creativity and writing, drawing, painting, sewing, weaving, singing, dancing. . . whatever moves us. Even mealtimes can be very creative, each meal like an episode of  TV’s “Chopped”: “What can I make with these on-hand ingredients?”

We can support each other in so many ways, such as by:

  • calling a friend and chatting on the telephone
  • checking in by text or email
  • standing on our balcony or at our front door at 7pm and making sounds of appreciation for First Responders
  • connecting with online tools and apps such as Facebook Messenger, Facetime, Jitsi, Skype and Zoom
  • sharing resources where safe and practical for all
  • donating to local food banks or finding other ways to support one’s community
  • adapting our businesses to reach people in their homes rather than in person
  • recognizing where we might be vulnerable our selves or where we require assistance . . . and asking for help
  • thinking of new creative ways to be part of the great collective of people around the world stepping up to new possibilities.

I read this online in Psychology Today:

 The Chinese word for crisis, 危机, is composed of two characters signifying “danger” and “opportunity.” Let’s search for the opportunity, the silver lining, and open ourselves up to the potential for global post-traumatic growth.

So, yes, let the creative connective Libra energy help you find the silver lining!

In parting, I share with you these words from John O’Donohue from his book Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom.  I did my usual bibliomancy, opening the book intuitively, and found these profound words on pages 98-99:

Solitude is one of the most precious things in the human spirit. It is different from loneliness. When you are lonely, you can become actuely conscious of your own separation. Solitude can be a homecoming to your own deepest belonging. One of the lovely things about us as individuals is the incommensurable in us. In each person, there is a point of absolute nonconnection with everything else and with everyone. This is fascinating and frightening. It means we cannot continue to seek outsides ourselves for the things we need form within. The blessings for which we hunger are not to be found in other places or people. These gifts can ony be given to you by yourself. They are at home at the hearth of your soul.

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