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Soul Work Prompts_800 x 800px Instagram size (1)All the indicators say this is a week of action. Ah, but what action will you take? How will these energies manifest for you?

As you journey with La Luna through the Wheel of the “Moonth”, be aware of other natural cycles, entraining your energies and awareness not just with Grandmother Moon but also with the cycles of Mama Earth and Father Sun, so divinely entwined through the seasons in the Wheel of the Year in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

Those wheels move very differently. The lunar journey takes a mere month, giving you an opportunity to experience all stages of birth–growth–harvest–rest-rebirth very quickly, and to use these energies to guide or support you through more focused or intense goals or reflections.

The energies of Mama Earth and Father Sun change more gradually, gently moving through the seasons of Air (Spring), Fire (Summer), Water (Autumn), and Earth (Winter) as our planet circles Father Sun…. cycling through the stars of the zodiac, with their qualities of the elements and transformation (Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable).

In magical correspondences, today — Wednesday — is Woden’s Day (aka Óðin) and — per Witchipedia — is a good day for communication, the arts, transportation, change, luck, gambling, fortune, chance, and creativity.

And, of course, there are many other ways to view the earth, sun and star energies throughout the years… Vedic Astrology, the Chinese zodiac and many, many more.

You may find that your energies will also shift… at times attuning more with the monthly energies and at other times with the longer seasonal qualities.

What is calling to you at present? I’m definitely feeling the Moon energies today but am feeling the pull of Autumn… the watery pull of emotion, an increasing need for rest and reflection.

At the First Quarter Moon, call to the East, Air, and new beginnings. Give gratitude for your voice and agility of your mind, and thank Brighid, Goddess of Springtime, for her support and vision.

If you pulled cards for a New Moon Medicine Wheel reading in the New/Dark Moon, it’s time to pull additional cards for the First Quarter.

Allow the energies of First Quarter Moon — and the wisdom of the cards you pulled — to inspire and motivate you as you review your journey thus and plan your next steps by asking the question “What is beginning?”, and not just for this month but for the year so far. Bring in the wisdom of the season — Autumn (Water, Emotion) in the Northern Hemisphere or Spring (Air, Inspiration, Mental Agility) in the Southern Hemisphere — for a richer broader perspective.

Wisdom from Seanmháthair Gealach (Grandmother Moon)
Wednesday., September 27, 2017
First Quarter Moon in Capricorn @ 7:53 pm PT / 14:53 UTC
Moonrise @ 2:33 pm PT / Moonset @ 11:35 pm PT
Star Medicine: Libra (Element – Air, Cardinal – the initiator)
Moon Mansion in Sa’d al-Dhabih from 9:24 am PT / 16:24 UTC  (Essence: speed, personal power, escape)