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Photo by Mathias P.R. Reding on Unsplash

In this time turning beyond MidWinter, I can now sense the waxing energies of Imbolg and the transformation it brings.

I embrace the Earth and she embraces me. I hear her wisdom resonating all around me, teaching me, showing me how to begin again, and how to emerge from the winter darkness.

Her lessons are in the blossoms of Witch Hazel, in the snow drops beginning to emerge beneath the evergreen trees, and in the hesitant blossoms of the local cherry trees whispering “is it too soon?”

But I trust them and I continue to listen, to look, and to learn, with the words of Richard Wagamese echoing in my mind:

“Teachings are hidden in every leaf and rock.”

— from Richard Wagamese Selected: What Comes from Spirit