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I am so excited about our new online circle and community, which launched on April 1st.

The Bean Gealach Circle, with monthly online gatherings and downloadable resources, is for the Wise Womxn who follow an Earth-based or goddess spirituality path, or are curious about it.

Join us to (re) awaken your essence and manifest it in your way of being and in your practice.

And until June 30th, you can join as a Founding Member for only $20 USD per month.

What we are exploring:

  • In April, our theme was The Morrigan and the Dark Mothers. In our gathering, we journeyed and shape-shifted with The Morrígan, and made a burla ghui to honour the cycles of birth-death-rebirth.
  • In May, our theme is right relationship with our Self, how to honour our body and our Self and take a journey to our “Moons of Love”
  • In June, our theme is Danu and the mother archetypes and goddesses, and in our gathering you will receive the Mother Rites of Danu, the second in our Blood Mysteries series.
  • And coming in July, we will explore the world of The Sidhe, aka the Good Folk aka fairies . . . and these are definitely not like Tinkerbell! No, they are the descendants of the Tuatha de Danann who took to the mounds and the Otherworld. 

I will regularly add new items to the Circle online library Resources for Your Practice, and we will meet together on Zoom each month to chat, learn, connect, share, craft, and rejoice . . . filling our cauldrons and our Selves once again.

For instance, here is a worksheet I added to Resources for Your Practice section to capture your intentions and allies for the month, as you start on a new journey (e.g. lunar month, calendar month, season, etc).

Click here or the image to download it in US Letter PDF format.

The goal of our Circle is simple

To support you in (re)awakening your essence and manifesting it in your way of being and in your practice, as you align with the energies of earth, sun and moon, and to (re)connect to your inner wise, wild and witchy Self  — and to support each other the same way!

Together, we will listen to the voices and songs of the ancient mothers, share tales from our herstories; work with the Divine Feminine and the Threshold Goddesses (and more!) in the Wheel of the Year and from around the world; explore our three Inner Cauldrons (some consider these the Celtic chakras); craft sacred objects; connect with the physical and spiritual realms of Land, Sea and Sky, and the liminal spaces between them, and step into our own deep inner wisdom and intuition.

Together, we will explore how we can bring that wisdom into our way of being, our soul work, our rituals and practices, and to hold space for each other as an Isumataq, from the Inuktitut (Inuit) language meaning “the person who creates the atmosphere in which wisdom reveals itself”.

I look forward to seeing you in our online Circle as together we co-create a new community.

For more info or to register, click here to visit our website.

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