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Summer Solstice aka MidSummer, Litha and Alban Hefin

We have very many names for the Summer Solstice, which those in the Southern Hemisphere are celebrating today, but all celebrate the longest day of the year and the bursting forth of growth and abundance and creativity. In our modern world, this day also marks the astronomical and “official” first day of Summer.

For my Celtic ancestors, the Summer Solstice marked MidSummer, as for them Summer began at Bealtaine (aka Beltane) and continued until the First Harvest of Lughnasadh in early August (celebrated in early February in the SH).

On this glorious day, we celebrate and honour Daghda (dag-dah), Father Sun, and Áine (aw-nyuh), the Celtic Goddess of Summer, and her goddess sisters Gaia and Demeter, as they reach their waxing peak. The Mother Goddesses of all cultures are associated with this peak of Summer and Fire energy.

And this year at the December (Summer) Solstice, we are supported by the energy of Grandmother Moon with the Full  Moon, giving an ever more powerful surge of intuitive and Divine Feminine energy!

And from this point, the Sun starts to wane, the days get slightly shorter and we know that the first harvests of Autumn are coming (such as Lughnasadh, in early February) as we moves along the spiral in our own evolution (and revolution!) in the cycle of our life’s journey.

There are many ways to celebrate the Summer Solstice, as shared in this post from the Inner Journey Events blog, noting 25 ways to celebrate Summer Solstice in Celtic style.