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I work with my allies daily, sometimes in simple ways — such as connecting with Mama Earth in a walk in Nature at a local greenway or park — and at other times in more complex ways: sitting at my altar, journeying with my ancestors and other allies, performing rituals.

One of the thoughts that came to me in today’s meditation was a simple question:

Where is the heart of my home, and how do I honour it?


I normally check in with my allies, and ask them how best to honour them in my rituals and practices. But for the place that I call home, which has its own magic and energy and grounding for me, I had never consciously asked the question directly!

Growing up in our various family homes, the heart — the hearth — was undoubtedly the kitchen. Even though other rooms were more spacious and more comfortable, the kitchen was the place to which we gravitated . . . sharing stories around our old pine kitchen table (now sitting in my home) . . . easing the heart with a cup of tea and a biscuit . . . in winter, sharing a baked potato after school baked in our old cast iron stove . . .

In my own home (an apartment in a large city), I follow various practices to make my home my sanctuary, with clearly defined areas for socializing, for working with clients, for sleep, for eating, etc. I frequently move my altars around: sometimes indoors, sometimes outdoors. I follow that energy intuitively, never asking directly . . . where? why? when? how? who?

So today I did just that. I sat in my creative space — the place I write, read, create art and sacred tools, and always have an altar of some kind — and connected with my allies, asking “Where is the heart of our home?”

And their answer?

“You are already there. You already knew this in your heart and soul. Now you know it in your mind. Thank you for listening to your heart and honouring your hearth with your medicine.”

This was another aha moment for me!

I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised. Intuitively I knew this is where it would be. Ironically, this “den” was originally supposed to be a home office for my husband and me, yet he never uses it, preferring to use our dining room table as his office. He has said on more than one occasion that it feels like my space, not his.

And yet it feels that I need to go much deeper with this thought and this feeling, to connect to the spirits and allies of this particular space in a stronger more intentional way. Some of whom may be connected to the space itself and not just to me . . .  perhaps they are elementals that are visiting my Middleworld from theirs . . .  perhaps they are the ancestors of this land that feel drawn to this energy.

How are we bound together, this space, this energy, these allies, my own spirit? Did we choose each other or did we choose this space? What is its medicine? What is its medicine? What makes it a Sacred Space . . . or did it become a Sacred Space?

Hmmm. . . I sense a new journey is needed to strengthen the energetic connection and to connect with its specific energy and the allies here.

Ask your Self:

What is the heart / hearth / sacred centre of your home?

How would you describe its energy?

Have you asked your home heart(h)  how best to honour it?

What did it tell you?