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I treasure the time I spend at my personal altar. It anchors my day, bringing a moment of stillness, timelessness, magic, clarity.

There, I disengage from the sounds and distraction of the busy world outside and step into my own sacred space. I breathe differently when I’m there… slower, more deeply. I move differently… more graceful, like a dance. Sometimes I find myself humming or softly singing… connecting to the vibrations and music of Mama Earth.

My daily rituals shift and change as I follow the energy of the moment… listen to the deep connection… absorb the wisdom… and face the day with grounded inspiration.

This morning my altar routine was simple. I added a picture of our dear Merlin, to hold his energy and our love for him, now that he has taken his place amongst the Ancestors. I added some antique keys to honour Hekate. I lit a candle and am now burning a little Witch Moon Incense… so fragrant, so Sacred. I have added a crystal to my Moon Bowl to mark the progress of Grandmother Moon’s journey.

And I pulled a card for today’s wisdom: Tribal Spirit Dancer (“Let go! Say yes to life! Dance to your heart’s desire….”) from the Native Spirit Oracle Cards by Denise Linn.

And all I will do for the next little while is sip my nettle tea… listen… tune in… and breathe.

Namaste ❤️