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Wisdom from Seanmháthair Gealach (Grandmother Moon)
Day 8, First Quarter Moon img_8585
Northern Hemisphere 🌓
Southern Hemisphere 🌗

LaLuna reaches the First Quarter in her journey today at 11:46 AM Pacific Time (2:46 PM Eastern Time / 19:46 UTC), in Aries. The Moon should be more visible to us now, rising in the afternoon and early evening, with her face is 50% lit (right side in the Northern Hemisphere, left side in the Southern Hemisphere).

🌓 First Quarter energy 🌗
From the New Moon through to the Full Moon, the brightness and the energy increases each day… just as the days are now growing longer here in the North.These energy shifts may seem subtle at first, but with attention and awareness you will notice it more and can entrain with that energy… embracing the shifts… harnessing the energy itself…. tuning in to its rhythms.

At the First Quarter, we are connected to The Maiden (goddess energy such as Persephone, Artemis, Grainne and others) and her spirit of adventure, freedom, an open mind.

And although I’m not an astrologer, I do look to the sign for further inspiration and insight. The Moon in Aries doubles up on that rising, waxing energy of the Moon AND the adventurous energy of The Maiden. The Aries Moon looks for decisiveness, agility, swiftness, creativity, energy….. WOW! Perfect for the First Quarter which asks the Soul Questions:

“What is Beginning?”
“How will my New Story seed and manifest?”
“What new directions and intentions will I create with my Thoughts and Voice?”

🌓 Monthly Layout Review 🌗
This month, I used the Clear Your Old Story / Create Your New Story layout (join our Wise Woman Bean Gealach Circle to access this layout), and the Brigid’s Grove  Oracle Deck.

The card for the East – associated with the First Quarter – is The Winged Circle: The Rune of Freedom, Liberation, and Revolution. WOW! Again, great synchronicity and alignment with this month’s theme of New Beginnings . . .  and “out with the old, in with the new”!

What does this card mean for YOU?

How might this manifest in YOUR life?

How does this relate to YOUR goals?

For me, this is a powerful affirmation, and also a hint towards my words for the year which are still forming under the surface of the winter soil. So far I’ve heard LOVE and ACCEPTANCE, but they didn’t tell the whole story. I am feeling the need for a word that is even more transformative, more Yang than Yin… and maybe that word is FREEDOM or LIBERATION or REVOLUTION. This year, I feel I am doing things in a very different way,  freeing myself of any old (and no longer useful) ways and creating a whole new paradigm for myself, how I work and how I relate to others.

Pictured is my Moon Bowl altar, with the spread I pulled for the New Moon in late December. And, yes, if you look closely, that is Merlin’s nose peeking out from under the altar! 😻😻 I just can’t keep him away from my sacred tools and altars! He is definitely a magical cat… such a dear familiar!