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Reclaim your Maiden Energy. Reclaim your Wild Self.

>> Part 1 of the Bean Gealach Circle Triple Goddess Within series <<

In this month of the Spring Equinox, a time of new beginnings, I offer you The Maiden Rites of Grainne.

These rites take us back to our first flow (our MoonTime) and our feisty youthful energies, as we step into that blood mystery with a new perspective, and make a conscious decision on how to embrace our femininity and our bold Maiden energy. In the rites, you will be invited to step into your womanhood retrospectively as you wished it had been  — or to relive a wonderful original experience with fresh eyes —  in the company of like-souled women, and witnessed energetically by those we choose as our witnesses.

This online gathering will also give you a taste of what future events in our new Bean Gealach Circle online community will look like, and you will have the opportunity to ask all your questions.

Most importantly, within that sacred space, you will explore and receive The Maiden Rites of Grainne,  the first of our three blood mystery rituals reclaiming and reimagining the onset of our first MoonTime, aka flow, period and menarche. In the coming months of the Bean Gealach Circle gatherings, we will explore Parts 2 and 3 of our Triple Goddess Within series:

  • The Mother Rites of Danu, whose name was borne by the Tuatha Dé Danann (“People of the Goddess Danu”)
  • The Crone Rites of An Cailleach, the ancient spirit who created the land

This event will be hosted and recorded on Zoom. Please note, however, that the rites given to each individual present will NOT be recorded. These are sacred and private rites that I am giving and they must be experienced live. The giving of the rites is usually only a few minutes for each participant, and there will be much more recorded!

The recording will be available here within a day or two after the event. If you missed the live event, you will be able to join us virtually.

Please note that this event and ritual is not limited to cis women or just those have who experienced MoonTime. We are working not just with the physical womb but with our energetic womb, and the Divine Feminine within. All those who identify as a woman are welcome here. We will share and honour each of us.