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Blessings on today’s Equinox!

I love that the colour red is associated with both the Spring Equinox AND the Autumn Equinox.

Many of us are familiar with the pastel colours of Spring (also associated with Easter) — the pale pinks, yellows, greens — but red is a strong influence too representing renewal and birth: the first flow of The Maiden, the blood mysteries, and — for Christians — the blood of Christ, as seen in the red eggs of Greek Easter breads. Red — represented by an apple and a red egg — is a strong feature in the rituals I shared for Equinox/Spring in our free women-only course Wisdom from Grandmother Moon.

And of course, many of us look forward to the red hues of Autumn… that glorious burst of colour as deciduous trees transform from the green of summer through to shades of red, gold, purple, and orange before gently releasing in preparation for Winter’s rest. Some call observing the leaves “leaf peeping”. The Japanese call this: Momijigari, the tradition of visiting places where the leaves have turned red (root: momiji for red leaves or maple tree, and kari for hunting).

The red of Spring represents birth, beginnings … the red of Autumn represents death, endings… both are phases in the cycle and renewal of life, each with its own energetic signature and both representing life force, which we know by many names: qi, chi, awen, prana, ki, nwyfre (pronounced NOO-iv-ruh).

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Step into the Equinox energies in our course Wisdom from Grandmother Moon. This year-long FREE course is for women only and you can step in at any time. Be sure to read the first two introductory lessons (“Settle in and get comfy” and “Base Camp”)then plunge into the current activities, wherever we are in the year.  And if you haven’t already joined our private Facebook group Wise Woman Bean Gealach Circle, do consider it. Not only will you find support for the WFGM course but a chance to connect with others, receive bonus materials and more.

Activities in this week’s Equinox chapter include:

  • The Spiral Dance of the Equinox
  • Equinox as Renewal
  • Equinox as Reflection
  • Create your Equinox Altar
  • Equinox Apple Ritual for Spring & Fall
  • BONUS: Equinox Card Spread for Spring & Fall

The new lesson on Friday, March 23rd will feature more on how to step into Spring’s energy.