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Now that the 12 Days of Solstice are complete (see our previous post for a ritual on closing the 12 days), I share one more thought on the Wisdom of Solstice: Choice.

This comes from today’s meditation and practice. In addition to my closing ritual, I am contemplating the rhythm of life, and how necessary it is for me to entrain with the energies of Mama Earth… and how to make choices in alignment with my values for whatever lessons and experiences Life brings me.

Gary Zukav said it so well:

“Each solstice shows us that we can choose. We cannot stop the winter or the summer from coming. We cannot stop the spring or the fall or make them other than they are. They are gifts from the Universe that we cannot refuse. But we can choose what we will contribute to Life when each arrives.”

The recognition that we cannot control everything around us is so freeing, for me at least, and keeps me present to what I can do.

For instance, we can focus less on controlling events and experiences around us, and focus more on how we can flow with the miracle of living, and how we can more easily connect to the magical flow that courses through our Universe.

Consider taking this thought with you into 2019.

Solstice Blessings!