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Many of us are aware of our Sun Sign, which we see referenced in various daily horoscopes.

Our Sun sign is the Self that we show to the world. But our Moon sign is akin to our “secret identify”, our inner super s/hero: the wise inner self or subconscious that informs our emotions and our way of being.

Why is this important? Our Sun sign is WHO we are to others, what we choose to show our external world. But our Moon sign tells us HOW we are, how we interact with the world. Identifying that sign gives us the opportunity to delve deep within the workings of our inner world, our psyche, our motivations, and our emotional foundation.

Knowing your Moon sign can help you navigate through your lunar journeys with the strengths and wisdom with which you were born. 

There are many online resources for calculating your natal/birth Moon Sign. One of my favourites is Astrolabe at To calculate your moon sign, go to the ribbon menu at the top of the page, then:

  • click on Free Astro Chart
  • select Free Birth Chart
  • complete the form and click SUBMIT
  • you can print or save the page for future reference

When I did this today, the chart reconfirmed my Sun sign is Capricorn, my Rising Sign is Leo and my Moon sign is Aries. 

Your next step is to find out more about your Natal (birth) Moon sign, including its shadow side, to see what strengths (or shadows) you are bringing to the journey.

I found a rather good summary of the natal moon energies in the New York Post, and I most certainly recognized one of my qualities, that of the impassioned activist!

As you read the qualities of your moon sign, note your feelings, questions and observations into your journal. And perhaps you can call on that energy in your Full Moon soul work.

Dancing with the Moon 2

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If you want a sneak peek now, click here (much more info to come), and to join the launch list, click the button below. And you’ll save 25% on the course price during launch month in September!