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As we approach the “hinge” of Samhain (NH) and Bealtaine (SH), I offer a gentle, somewhat subtle (and yet profound, for me at least), theme for this lunar month: Pause.

Yes, pausing.

This theme was inspired by the month itself, as the Wheel of the Year closes for us in the North, a move into the Earth-aligned Winter period of rest and reflection…. and the importance of pausing at the end of one’s journey to review and reflect, to allow the our inner wisdom to blend, merge and incubate, bringing in the new inspirations and awareness acquired on the journey itself.

Some see this as transitioning from the the Dark Half of the Year (Samhain through to Bealtaine) and the Light Half of the Year (Bealtaine through to Samhain), when we let the energetic alchemy continue its transformation within us, bringing life and magic to the magical creatures that we are.

I was also inspired by a tradition of my English and Irish ancestors, for whom the end of October to the beginning of November was marked as a three day “Pause” or “Time of No Time”, observed from 31-October to 02-November (or thereabouts). These three days were perceived as separate from the rest of the year and were observed on what we now call Halloween, All Saint’s Day and All Soul’s Day / Day of the Dead.

I will have to admit to my bias towards the energetics of the Northern Hemisphere. After all, that is where I live and breathe and play! And I will also be observing “true” Samhain in November 7th.

And like the Dark Mothers and winter goddesses, guardians of the liminal times in our life and in our year, for me The Pause is also a liminal moment in time. Our breath, our inspiration, is a reflection of that Pause, like the tides of the ocean. We breathe in (waxing energetics), and breathe out (waning energetics) and observe the stillness — the Pause — between those two states, that magic liminal space of transformation and shifting energy. Yes, that’s where the magic happens.

In the post-waxing pause, we savour the fresh air (oxygen) and healing nourishment it brings to our bodies. The oxygen is a gift to us from the trees and plants, who release the oxygen we need. And in the post-waning pause, we release toxins (of all kinds) and carbon-dioxide. That is our gift to the trees and plants, who breathe it in and transform it into oxygen for us. We are truly co-dependent with Nature!

And in this Pause, this Time of No Time, we dream . . . we remember . . . and we envision what is ahead.

What might pausing open up for you?