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We have now moved into the first month of the Wheel of the Year (if in the Northern Hemisphere), away from the duality of the Equinox and into the energy of Samhain. If in the Southern Hemisphere, you have welcomed Bealtaine and the light half of the year.

These “hinges” in the Wheel of the Year are both are times when the veils between the worlds are thinnest, connecting us to our ancestors and to our deep inner wisdom and intuition, and both are times of endings, transformations, and rebirth.

How is this manifesting for you?

butterfly emerging from cocoon on plant

I have felt this transformational energy so very strongly in the last few weeks, including the push and pull of opposing energies,  and am sensing that not only am I changing, but that my work is changing and transforming too.

I was recently inspired by a quote from physicist Niels Bohr:

"If you hold opposites together in your mind, you will suspend your normal thinking process and allow an intelligence beyond rational thought to create a new form."

As I contemplated his words, what emerged for me was an overwhelming pull to create my own new form. I am honouring these feelings and allowing them to incubate in my inner cauldron. For the next few months I will step deeply into my own cauldron of change — a cocoon of sorts — and totally reimagine my work, my way of being, and how I will create community, experiences and programs in the future.

But I won’t disappear! I will still be on social media and our Facebook group the Wise Woman Bean Gealach Circle, posting regularly to this Inner Journey Events blog, and sending newsletters…  but when I re-emerge from this cauldron time, there will be some changes including a new updated website, and a new way of offering our courses and events.

And I invite you to share what you would like to see more of (or less of) in our online course offerings an events.

Seasonal courses are heading back to the vault

Effective December 9th, I am closing NEW registrations for our Wheel of the Year seasonal courses and bundles. 

Register now to guarantee your place in these courses as you progress through the Wheel of the Year as its seasons manifest in your locale. The courses, once registered, will be permanently available to you.

Online Courses & Bundles

The courses in our Wheel of the Year Series celebrate not just the eight special events in the Celtic Calendar (Samhain, Bealtaine, etc) but celebrate them as eight unique seasons: periods when the energies of Mama Earth are shifting with the light of Father Sun, and the influence of the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water.  

In each course we explore these events and seasons through Celtic cosmology of Land, Sea and Sky,  the Celtic pantheon, traditions and practices from ancient to modern, and how you can personalize them in your own practices, bringing in the unique aspects of your locale — its plants, lore, deities and energies. Each seasonal course provides so many additional resources such as goddess lore, sacred crafts, ritual, divination techniques, journeys and meditations, Soul Work prompts and more.

You can register for just one course or choose one of our course bundles for extra special savings.

Visit our courses page for info on each course, or click the images below for more info.

Fire Festival and Solar Festival bundles

Save 25%, buy four courses for the price of three.

Payment Options: each bundle is available for a single payment of $90 USD or three monthly payments of $30 USD. 

Click on each bundle image below for more info and registration links.

Samhain, Imbolg, Bealtaine, Lúnasa
Equinoxes and Solstices

Individual courses

Interested in just one course? 

Click here or on the image below to view all eight individual Wheel of the Year courses, including registration links.

NEW: Super Bundle Savings !

Interested in all eight courses? 

Our Super Bundle includes all Wheel of the Year courses at a very special rate: all eight for the price of five!

Payment Options: a single payment of $150 USD, or in monthly increments of $50 USD for three months or $30 USD for five months.

Click here or on the image below for info, registration and payment options.

I look forward to engaging with you in these courses!

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