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Many of us celebrate Lúnasa (northern hemisphere) and Imbolg (southern hemisphere) on the traditional date of August 1st. Some celebrate on the lunar date (the Full Moon closest to the traditional date), which in 2023 was also August 1st. 

But there is another date, which some call the “true” date, i.e. the precise midpoint between the June Solstice and the September Equinox, which in 2023 is August 7 @ 18:21 UTC. This is observed as the “true” date for Lúnasa (aka Lammas, Lughnasadh) north of the equator and Imbolg (aka Imbolc) south of the equator.

At this time, we start to transition from the energies initiated at the June Solstice, and move towards the energies of the September Equinox.

The energetic transition now for those north of the Tropic of Cancer would be from the Fire energy of the summer solstice  toward the Water energy of the autumn equinox energy. Those south of the Tropic of Capricorn are in transition from the Earth energy of the Winter Solstice and moving toward the Air energy of the  Spring Equinox .

I am definitely not an expert on the energies of the regions between those two tropics which mark the equatorial or tropical regions, but they are a mix of hot/cold and wet/dry… and are not static, although their energetic shifts may be more subtle.

The timing and qualities of those energies may differ depending on your locale, and hemisphere.  

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As the seasons continue to spin, let’s take a moment to consider the energies and essences of those seasons.

For me, the essence of summer (associated with the Fire element) is standing in the light, a time to (re)connect to my personal journey and embrace the growth within me. For me, the essence of autumn (Water element) is the ripening and maturing of the seeds (goals and intentions) I planted in spring and nurtured in summer, and celebrating their completion, their harvest. It is also a time of waning energies, as the days grow shorter, something I also sense within me.

I experience winter (Earth element) essence as a time of spiritual withdrawal and deep connection to my Self. It is a time of grounding and centering, and preparing for the coming rebirth and growth associated with spring. The spring (Air element)essence is one that I associate with the birth and renewal of my spiritual self, and fresh beginnings in all that is physical as I reconnect to the outside world after being indoors so very much during winter.

The cross-quarter times  — such as today’s Lúnasa (NH) and Imbolg (SH) — are also “thin places” — liminal places, portals to our deep consciousness and intuition, with a heightened connection to all the realms, all the energies.

How will you celebrate these cross-quarter dates? 

We each have our own ways of celebrating or observing these festivals. One of my traditions at Imbolg, Bealtaine, Lúnasa and Samhain is to raise my awareness to the turning of the seasons and to take the opportunity to connect with the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water as they wax and wane throughout the year, and as they transition from the Earth of winter to the Air of spring, from Air to Fire, etc. … how that manifests physically, emotionally and spiritually, and how those energies blend and transform from one to the other. 

For your Soul Work

Raise your awareness now to what is happening energetically and physically in your locale.

What energy seems to be dominant? Is it waxing (growing stronger) or waning (weakening, lessening)? What is it moving towards? How does this energy impact the flora and fauna in your area, the plants, trees, birds, insects, fish…. and you?

As you connect and align, what do you sense about the shifting energies within your Self? How are they manifesting for you, in you? They are not the same for all of us, even those on the same latitudes. 

What do you notice about your Self as you align with those energies, and as you too transition?

Take some time to journal your thoughts in your personal journal or Book of Shadows, or share with us below in the comments area of this post.

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