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During the Solstice celebrations, I feel even closer to the classical four Elements — Earth, Fire, Air and Water — and love to evoke this Blessing of the Elements at this time of year:

As the earth grows colder,
the winds blow faster,
the fire dwindles smaller,
and the rains fall harder,
let the light of the sun
find its way home.

For me, Winter Solstice is a great time to work with the Fire element, as it is at Solstice that we celebrate the Fire of Father Sun and the return of its light as the Sun tips from waning to waxing, energizing Mama Earth from her Winter manifestation towards Spring.

Fire nourishes our Heart (Fourth) Chakra, the seat of love, empathy and compassion, and the Inner Fire  of our Heart Chakra is also nurtured by the other elements — the Earth of our Root Chakra, the Water of our Sacral Chakra and the Air of our Solar Plexus. Fire burns brightly when fed by all of them.

Use the element of Fire and your Heart Chakra to recharge your own Inner Fire and to release all things that might “dampen” it, especially those things that no longer serve you: beliefs, relationships or possessions. 

Transform with the Fire Element

Consider creating a candle meditation or fire ritual at Solstice to release anything burdening you, making space for renewal and new ways of being and new pathways to explore.

🔥 Ground and centre yourself and call on your ancestors, guides, Spirit, and allies to support you in this work, release and transformation. 

🔥 Visualize that you are drawing up all those unneeded things into the crucible (cauldron) of your Heart Chakra. 

🔥  Imagine that your Inner Fire consumes and transforms that which is no longer needed into new and powerful energies that will sustain you, to honour you, free you and recharge you. Move them from the Shadow into the transformative Light energy.

🔥 Once complete, thank your ancestors, guides, Spirit, and allies for supporting you in your release and transformation.

Solstice Blessings