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O the Ivy O, she's the Queen of Old,  
and the Holly he is red.
Hang 'em high in the farm, 
and us won't come to no harm
Till the Christmas days be told. 
- from “A Somerset Carol”

Celebrating with Holly and Ivy

In the last few days, my posts explored the greens of Solstice such as Mistletoe (aka the Druids’ herb), Ivy (associated with the Divine Feminine), and Holly (associated with the Divine Masculine). 

Together, the Holly and the Ivy represent our Divine Whole Self.

The elements of Holly and Ivy are symbiotic, as the Ivy very often grows within the Holly Bush. Holly and the Ivy together are a powerful team, representing the joining of the masculine fire and protective energy (holly) and feminine intuitive and emotional energies (ivy). Together, these Yin and Yang greenery elements represent balance and good fortune for the next year.

Consider using these elements — along with other seasonal items such as rosemary, bay leaves, pine cones, berries and more — to create a Solstice wreath, or other seasonal decor, to celebrate the integration of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within each of us.

Solstice Blessings!