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Autumn leaf floating through river rapids

Just a few weeks ago in the Northern Hemisphere, we began Lúnasa season, while those in the Southern Hemisphere began its waxing counterpart and complement, Imbolg.

How are these seasons manifesting for you, and in your locale?  

At this time of year I normally begin to feel the shift of energies from the Fire of Summer to the Water of Autumn, and I align even more with the harvest energies of Lúnasa: completing goals set earlier in the year, finalizing next steps for others still in progress, reviewing, processing, reaping — and digging deep within to recognize what no longer serves me so that I may release it with the Full Moon (August 22nd).

But this year is atypical in so many ways. For instance, here in western Canada, as with many parts of the world, we are experiencing unprecedented heat spells, droughts and forest fires — and the extreme outcomes those bring. The Fire element persists and we are longing for the balance and healing that Water can literally bring us.

In my soul work, I meditated on this and the other things happening in the world. What does all this mean? What can I do? What can be “fixed”? What can I learn from these current experiences and from this year?

And then I read these words from Pema Chödrön, from her book When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times, which are helping me find my way, reminding me to be present and to release any pre-existing beliefs about what is happening.

Perhaps you will find some wisdom in them too.

These words reminded me that life is a series of challenges and changes. That there is a perpetual cycle of testing and healing. 

I look to the qualities and energy of Water — the element I associate with Autumn and harvest — and what they can teach me when it appears that things are falling apart. Perhaps I too can flow with change. Perhaps I too can adapt and shift, embracing both the Yin and Yang qualities of Water: becoming a firm solid when I need to, a flowing liquid when it serves me best, or becoming a mist in the air. Perhaps I can release the concept that everything is absolute, fixable / solvable, and instead can manifest in many ways repeatedly, both sequentially and simultaneously. Perhaps I can respond rather than react, and focus on being. Perhaps I can heal.

I also know that within me, I still strongly believe we can move forward, make positive changes in this world whilst recognizing that something else may devolve, and that the cycle of falling apart and coming together will begin again.

There truly is room for all emotions and outcomes, and I can hold space for them with love and respect and kindness.

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