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For me, Earth Medicine is about our spiritual relationship with Nature… such as how we synchronize our energy with her, the healing herbs that Mama Earth provides us, protecting and promoting the sustainability of all life and the health of the planet. It’s a huge part of my work, and how I interact with the world, with that sense of respect and reverence.

This quote from author Joseph Bruchac reminds me that this spirituality is all around us…. in the Sacred space around and within us. If we’ve lost that, become disconnected, we can tap into it by (re)connecting with nature, with Mama Earth.

“We need to walk to know sacred places, those around us and those within. We need to walk to remember the songs.”

~ Joseph Bruchac


And just a word on accessibility…

For many years, walking with nature was a challenge for me due to severe osteoarthritis in my knees. I was delighted to find the occasional accessible path in a local forest, designed to accommodate those using walkers, wheelchairs or other mobility aids … and with the occasional rest stop or bench. I delighted at just sitting in a nearby garden or city park, breathing in the scent of trees, grasses and flowers. I am so happy that once again I can wander at will in the forest and at the shoreline, due to knee replacement surgery. And I continue to be an advocate for accessibility (and sustainability, of course!)

Next time you are strolling in a local park or nature reserve, look around. Are the pathways adequate for those using mobility aids? For parents with strollers? Can the paths be improved? Are there benches provided? Ramps, in addition to stairs or steps? If not, lobby your parks board or local authority for improvements.