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Blessings on the New Moon in Libra!

This month’s lunar theme is inspired by the wisdom of The Crone. As the year tilts towards darkness and winter’s rest (in the Northern Hemisphere) — the time of the Crone and An Cailleach — we are gaining a much deeper understanding of our own life and our connections with others . . .  and how our very Being weaves through the fabric of life.

Like a Spider in her web, as we embrace the Crone energy, we feel the vibrations of life around us. We are weavers of life, pulling together the threads of our Self and those around us, and can sense when we must shift from being caregivers of those we love (like The Mother archetype, the complement to The Crone) to being caregivers for our society. This is the work of The Crone.

Elizabeth Davis and Carol Leonard capture this so well in their book The Women’s Wheel of Life (p. 49):

At any age, when we feel at work on the loom of existence, when we sense the warp and the weft of life and align our activities accordingly, we know the wisdom of the Crone. 

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