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My 2021 word of the year

Some of us choose a “word for the year” as we approach a new calendar year, and we each have our own process or ritual for finding it.

For some, this is a long and deliberate process. For others, the word arrives spontaneously … popping into one’s consciousness with a sense of its perfection. Others draw their word from their 12 Omens practice.

My word tends to arrive intuitively — hints or the word itself flying into my consciousness on its own power, as if it needs to be shared with me. Sometimes I don’t recognize it as such, but it just keeps popping up over and over — as I write, as I read, as I pull a tarot or oracle card, as I hear others speaking the word. That word for me this year was conscious.

What cemented this word for me was this: a simple online word-generator from Jennifer Fulwiler which also generated that same word:

Just as when we pull a card for inspiration or direction, a tool like this can also prompt our thoughts. Perhaps the word it suggests IS our word, or perhaps it triggers the word for us.

Conscious is good! So many connotations and variations: conscious… consciously… consciousness… preconscious… unconscious… superconscious… subconscious.

What is your word for 2021?