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On 8 June each year, we celebrate the ocean, its importance in our lives, and how each of us can protect it, no matter where we live. World Oceans Day raises the profile of the ocean, connects people worldwide, and inspires continuing action year-round to protect and restore this amazing resource that we all depend on.
World Oceans Day

This year’s international theme (2019) is “Gender and the Ocean”, an opportunity to explore the gender dimension of humankind’s relationship with the ocean.  Click here to explore this topic in greater detail (please note that that page is now archived, but accessible through the Internet Archive Wayback Machine).

But for this earth loving Crone, World Oceans Day is also a spiritual occasion…. a day to celebrate and honour my personal connection with the world’s waters and to thank them for supporting us on this planet…  a day to ask the oceans for their forgiveness as we continue to pollute the water and put ocean life at risk… a day to perform a healing ritual for our oceans and waters around the world.

I always celebrate World Oceans Day with ritual for the ocean goddesses, such as Oshun and Yemaya pictured below, which I shared in a previous year in this blog:

Images of Yemaya and Oshun by Thalia Took

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